Sunday, January 31, 2016

Darin's 35th Birthday!

A few weeks ago I asked Darin what kind of birthday he would like to have.  He said that he wanted a General Authority themed birthday with a President Uchtorf cake.  (I am SURE he said this, thinking I would NEVER follow through).  Well, when I realized that mutual fell on his birthday, and Darin was adamant about not missing mutual for his birthday, I talked to the YW and YM presidents to see if we could do a General Authority themed birthday for Darin.

They were both very kind, and jumped on board and let me plan the whole thing.  I planned several party games (that were actually, surprisingly, VERY fun).  Darin had NO CLUE!  It was a really fun surprise and I think both he and the youth enjoyed the night.

I sure LOVE this man!  So thankful for his goodness the past 35 years!

I had 7 games planned, but we only did 5 of them.
We split the YM and YM into two teams and they competed against each other.
The first game was GA Mad Gab (I wrote Mad Gabs for each of the 12)
Next, we had a contest to see who could most quickly put the 1st presidency and 12 in the correct order using plastic cups with their pictures on them.

Next, I had the names of the 12 and three facts about each one and they had to correctly match the facts to the right person.

Next, we played a game to see who could most quickly (and correctly) identify the GA by listening to an audio clip.  

The last game was "Who said it, Uchtdorf or Dumbledore."
(That is a really fun game too--you can find that one online).

Last we sang Happy Birthday to Darin and ate our President Uchtdorf cake!
(I felt weird cutting into it, and then I felt REALLY bad when Lindsay came over, saw me cutting and said, "NO!  Not his NECK!"

After mutual we came home and Darin opened his presents.

Happy 35th Darin!!

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