Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Warm Fuzzy Jar

A few years ago, President Monson gave this talk about "Warm Fuzzies."

(When I found this video, I saw that our dear friend, Brother Ita is in this video!)

I thought it would be a great idea to do that in our family.
I got a jar, and I went to the store to buy "warm fuzzies."
I must have gone to the wrong store, because they were SO expensive!

I decided I would use cotton balls instead.
When my neighbor, Chris, found out, she brought me a bag of warm fuzzies.
I asked her where she got them, and she told me that President Monson's secretary gave them to her daycare, and she shared some with OUR family!

So, as we did this amazing activity, we were using

This past week, we finally filled up our jar!!

We made a list of things we'd like to do, and the reward was miniature golf!

The best golfer in the family!  He REALLY is good at golf!

Andrew cracks me up with his new poses. 

This is a sad picture.  It was the very last hole, (the one where once you hit it in, its gone), and Lindsay was the last person to go, and Andrew threw Lindsay's ball in the hole. You can see Andrew's guilty face, Lindsay's defeated pose, and Matt and Darin's disappointed look with Andrew.

Other than that, it was a really fun night!

Now, to fill up the jar again, so Lindsay can go bowling!

Bean Museum

My darling cousin, Katie, invited us down to Provo for a play-date.
It was fun to be down at BYU.  I couldn't believe how many things had changed!
We went to the Bean Musuem and it was nearly unrecognizable.

Katie put together some cute scavengar hunt papers.  The kids loved it!
My other cousins, Jeff, Reesa, and Sarah joined us too!  It was so good to see them!
I feel so lucky to have such fun, cute cousins!!

After the museum, Katie made us a delicious picnic lunch.
Then, we headed to the MOA and a few other places around campus.
It was such a fun day!  

I spent so much time studying these birds in college for one of my classes.
I could only name a handful now.

Lindsay and Elizabeth were inseparable! 

The elevator there is HUGE!  Jeff, jokingly told some people to wait for the next elevator because he didn't think there was enough room.  They didn't get on.  He's so funny!!
 (But, I'm pretty sure they were wanting to go to the basement).

The kids loved running down the ramp!

Andrew loved looking at the ducks!

And after a minute, he was in WITH the ducks!

This was my favorite display at the art museum.
The whole thing is made out of hangers!
People are so clever and talented!

We also went to the WILK.  The kids had fun climbing on the railing.
When we left, we got a few steps outside of the building, and I couldn't find Andrew.

When I realized he never came out, and went back in to find this...

He was trying to be a big kid, and got stuck on the railing!

Don't I have the cutest cousins!!?  And they have the CUTEST kids too!!
LOVE this group!!

Thanks for inviting me down for such a fun day, Katie!
And I'm so glad the other cousins got to join us too!
Thanks again!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

St. George

Darin's parents are serving a mission in Japan, and they sold their St. George home, so we spent the weekend packing up.  It's wonderful being part of a hard working family!  We worked hard, but we also played hard.  We got to watch the fireworks on the bluff, go to the children's museum, visit our neighbors, the Cleverlys, at the temple visitor center, and we ran into our cute friends, the Evans, at the splash pad.  It was a great weekend!

Here is a picture of Noah being silly, but really he was such a hard worker!

The extra trailer when it was nearly full.

Not only did Noah help with packing, but he also kept babysitting our kids.

The neighbors we sweet and invited the kids over for treats and fireworks.

Watching the sunset on a bluff.

Lindsay has a HUGE crush on Tim.

Visiting with Elder and Sister Cleverly.

Milking the cow at the children's museum.
We got the right when it opened, and we had the whole place to ourselves for about a half hour.

Lindsay and Jane sure hit it off.
We need to play again soon!!

Eating the last of Grandpa and Grandma's Popsicles.  
Almost done!

While the men did the final finishes, I took the kids to the carousel.
Noah said it was his first time!

Goodbye for now St. George!!