Monday, March 23, 2015

"Lego Land"

We went to Fashion Place Mall to see the Lego display.  My mom kept calling it "Lego Land" and Matt kept getting so frustrated because he KNEW it wasn't the real Lego land.  I don't know why, but that made me laugh so hard.  Also, Andrew was so worried about all the mannequins that had no heads.  He kept saying, "All gone."  ha ha.  Funny guy!  At the very end they had a place to build lego cars and race them.  Matt won 1st place!   Thanks mom for coming with me and helping me wrangle my children!  

Matt about to race and WIN!

My mom with a sad Lindsay.  Grandmas have a magic way of making things all better.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blossoms at the Capitol

If you live anywhere near SLC, you MUST go to the capitol to see the blossoms!
They were AMAZING!!  SO SO SO Beautiful!  Go!  Now!

Alphabet Dates-- O Date

We had an OUTRAGEOUS O date!  We started with an OATMEAL and OMELET breakfast.  Then we drove up to Syracuse to try the ORIENTEERING course full of OBSTACLES (that was actually really fun—it was my first time orienteering!) Next, we went to Darin’s OLDER brother’s house for lunch.  Cute Janie made us an ORANGE Julius’!  We played OUTSIDE for a little while.  Later that night we got take OUT from OUTBACK (thanks for the gift card Tom) and made ORIGAMI.  After OUR OFFSPRING went to sleep we watched Phantom of the OPERA and ate OREOS!

Notice Andrew in his ORANGE shirt and OVERALLS!!

When I made Andrew leave the ducks, he was so MAD!  
He stayed in this position forever!

St. Patrick's Day

Usually, St. Patrick's Day is a day full of green dye.
This year, I made these pancakes and eggs green by adding lots of spinach, and the kids LOVED them!  Who would have thought whole wheat spinach pancakes would go over so well!  This will become a regular at our house!

My sisters and a few nieces came over for lunch!  We had spinach wraps, rainbow fruit, spinach salad, cucumbers, chips, sushi, vegi sticks, and rice crispy treats!


After lunch we read, "Leprechaun on the Loose" and went on a scavenger hunt!