Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lindsay's MRI

On Wednesday we took Lindsay in to Primary Children’s for an MRI.  She has been “borderline” for the past 3 years and the CT scans weren’t as detailed as her doctor would have liked.  I was a little nervous about the appointment, but it went well.

Before the MRI started the cute nurses (I LOVE PCMC nurses) brought out a treasure box for Lindsay to choose a prize.  Originally she chose a pair of women’s socks, but then she switched to a ballerina Barbie.  When the nurses gave her the sedative they said it might cause short term amnesia. 
We said goodbye to Lindsay, and the nurses where laughing at her because she kept calling the MRI “Tinkerbelle’s cave,” but she couldn’t find Tinkerbelle.  All the red lines that went on her body, Lindsay thought were Tinkerbelle’s tracks. 

When she woke up, the nurses came and brought me to the recovery room.  She was SOO funny coming out of the sedation.  When I came in with the Barbie, Lindsay said, “I chose the Barbie?  I thought I got the socks!”  She downed 3 juice boxes, sting cheese, and crackers.  While she was eating the crackers she said, “mom, could you please ask that lady if I can have some crackers?”  I said, “Lindsay, you are eating crackers!”  She said, “Oh ya.”

After an hour in recovery, I helped Lindsay stand up.  I asked her if she could walk and she said yes.  I let go and she completely collapsed.  We tried again about 5 more times, but she kept falling.  The nurses took her to a table to choose a treat and as she leaned in for the “Roar-ee-ors” (Oreos) she kept leaning and leaning and face planted into the table.  Poor girl!  Darin carried her for the rest of the time.

We had an appointment with her neurosurgeon right after, Dr. Bolo, and Lindsay was so loopy!  She kept saying Bo-lo, Bo-lo, BO-LO!  The doctor measured her head (she and I have the EXACT same size head, and Lindsay head is now bigger than my sisters).  They looked at the scans and said that it look pretty similar to last years, and that they would just continue to weigh the pros and cons of doing another brain surgery.  As for right now, Lindsay is doing well cognitively and physically, so they won’t consider the surgery for at least another year (unless she has side effects like loss of balance, headaches, decrease in academic abilities, etc). 

Dr. Bolo asked Lindsay if she ever had headaches.  She said yes (which surprised me), but then said, “only when I eat ice-cream fast and get a freeze brain.”  It was a great appointment and we are glad she is doing so well!

After the appointment, Darin took us to Market Street (one of my all-time favorites) for lunch.  Lindsay loved EVERYTHING!  When she ate the oysters she said, “Get out of here.  You have got to be kidding me.  This is DELICIOUS!!”  Funny girl!!

This is her brain scan.  The one on the left is this year, the one on the right is last year. If you look at that big 'blob" on the far right of her brain, that is her cyst.  It was the size of a baseball when she was born, and it is even bigger now, but they said as long as it doesn't grow too fast, she will be ok.

Monday, February 23, 2015


This weekend was the BEST!!

Saturday afternoon, Darin went to run a few errands and came back with my car cleaned and this beautiful bouquet of flowers!  
What a surprise!  

But, it didn't end there!

That night Darin said we were going on one of our "Alphabet Dates" -- the letter "N."  
He said we were going "NO WHERE and doing NOTHING."
He told me to dress "nice" and he went to pick up our "nieces" to babysit.
As we were leaving, my mom called to see if we could stop by really quick to help her with her table for a dinner party she was having (I've known about her "dinner party" for a week now).
When we got to her house, Darin knocked on the door--which we NEVER do, and I thought it was so weird, but didn't think much about it.
Then, mom took me in to the dining room, but the table wasn't set.  I asked if they were eating at the kitchen table and she said yes.  (I also thought it was weird that she took me through the dining room to get to the kitchen, but didn't get suspicious of anything)  When we went into the kitchen I heard.... 


A bunch of my friends from my ward popped out from behind the couch!  Biggest surprise EVER!!  I didn't suspect a thing!  Looking back, there were a lot of things I should have caught on to, but it never added up in my head!  

Mom planned the CUTEST party EVER!!!  I love doing parties and this was better than ANYTHING I could have ever planned!!  The decorations were AMAZING, the game was so FUN, the food was DELICIOUS, and the company was FABULOUS!!  

They did a "Hollywood" theme, but instead it was "HAYLEEWOOD."  So clever!  

Mom made a game "How well do you know our star."
She had really funny questions and it was a lot of fun!

My sister made this awesome cake!  It is like the "walk of fame" stars you see in Hollywood!
So cute!!  Thanks Heather!!

Look at all these decorations!  I know that Kristy helped a ton with all of the decorations!
Thank you Kristy!!

These two!  LOVE them more than ANYTHING!!  Great planners!!

Ok, look at that food!  If you think it LOOKS good-- it TASTED even better!!

Mom even had a photobooth!!
How do I look as a blonde?

The kids even got in on the action (after the party was over---yes they stayed up WAY past bedtime).

Thanks again mama-c-ta!!  You are the BEST!!!

Thanks to all my fabulous friends for coming!  Such a fun night!!

Thanks one more time to EVERYONE who helped out!
(Especially mom, dad, Darin, Heather, Kristy, and Laurie!)

Turning 30 isn't too bad when you've got such great friends and family!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year

We had a few cousins over for a little Chinese New Year celebration.

We started with a little lunch.

We had chicken, rice, pork wontons, beans, and yummy lettuce wraps.

Next we made Chinese drums.

Then we had a relay race using marshmallows and chopsticks.

And we had a little dragon parade.

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

40 before 40

1. Get a family photo by professional photographer (Busath or Amanda Castleberry)
2. Go see the “Up” house
3. Go to Disneyland again
4. Go on a zipline
5. Do the iFly
6. Learn to fold a fitted sheet perfectly
7. Replace the upstairs doors
8. Ride on a tandem bike
9. Go to the "Roof" on Temple Square (preferable at Christmas)
10. Buy a new or refinish my current kitchen table
11. Participate in a triathlon
12. Golf an actual 9 holes
13. Go snowboarding or snow skiing at a resort
14. Try Waffle Love
15. Refinish the basement (New carpet and paint)
16. Go on a vacation with just Darin
17. Sing Karaoke
18. Sew a dress for Lindsay using one of my old prom dresses
19. Do something adventurous—(like paragliding or zorbing)
20. Do temple work for an ancestor
21. Take a photography class
22. Throw a pie in someone’s face
23. Run another half marathon
24. Learn to play a song on an instrument other than the piano (like the ukulele) 
25. Do another day of service
26. Read 40 books—including the Standard Works and Jesus the Christ
27. Grow out and donate my hair again
28. Try 10 new restaurants  (one a year)
29 Go the gum wall in Washington or to Church History sites
30. Eat frog legs
31. Do the hit and run race or another new fun race
32. Cook a live lobster
33. Go to a "Fish Spa"
34. Ride the “Polar Express” again
35. Dye my hair
36. Go to the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve
37. Step on Darin’s coat going over a puddle
38. Roast Chestnuts on an open fire at Christmas
39. Help Matt get his Eagle
40. Be diaper free!!  All kids potty trained!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#27 Relearn how to do a back-flip on the trampoline

I FINALLY finished my 30 before 30!!

With less than two weeks before turning thirty, I finally got the nerve to do a back-flip!
It has been more than FIVE YEARS, since I did one last!

I'm not sure why it took me so long--but I'm glad I did it!
After 1 day of practicing, I can even land on my feet again!  

30 before 30

I made this list over 3 years ago.  It has changed a little, but it has been SO much fun to have this list!  I am so proud of all I have accomplished and all the FUN I've had!  

Here's to turning 30 in TEN days!!

1-Take the kids to Disneyland                                                 
2- Run a ½ Marathon                                                               
3- Have another child                                                              
4-Do the Dirty Dash or some kind of Mud Run                      
5- Go to the Festival of Colors                                                
6- See “Wicked”                                                                      
7- Make a food using one ingredient I've never heard of.       
8-Go to “The Forgotten Carols”                                              
9- Master a song on the piano                                                  
10- Buy new kitchen cabinets                                                  
11- Get new living room furniture                                           
12- Read a classic novel                                                          
13- Do a DIY project                                                               
14- Do a day of service                                                            
15- Go to the Hill Field Museum
16-See the 2 headed lamb at the Daughters of Utah Museum
17- Invent a new recipe                                                          
18- Do SOMETHING with our cement pad.                           
19- Take the kids to the beach                                                
20- Try a new food (a fig perhaps)                                          
21- Try at least 3 new restaurants                                            
22- Update the main bathroom                                                
23- Make a quilt                                      
24- Finish my Personal Progress (for the 2nd time).  
25- Get new bedding for bedroom .    
26- Try a challenging recipe                      
27- Re-learn how to do a back-flip on the trampoline
28- Write a children’s book (just for my kids)
29- Go on an over-nighter with just Darin        
30-Go to a show at Tuacahn                           

And, I know it may be unusual, but I loved this list so much, I made a 40 before 40 list--and I'll be posting it soon!!

Saying goodbye to our tresses!

Lindsay and I cut and donated our hair.
I am not emotionally attatched to my hair at all.  But, I was a little to Lindsay's.
I wanted to back out on cutting her hair at the last minute, but Lindsay said,
"No, mom.  Let's share my hair!"
Love that little sweetie!

Here is a picture of Lindsay and me before:

Lindsay during...
(My sister, Heather, cut her hair--Thanks Heather!!)

And after!

And here she is sending it in the mail!