Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Alphabet Dates Final Review

We had so much fun doing the Alphabet Dates!  I am honestly so sad it is over!  This was such a fun way to plan unique dates that got us doing things we normally would do.  I'm so glad that Darin was such a good sport--and his dates were always the most fun!

You really should go do them!  It was a blast!  Thanks Katie for introducing the idea to us!
Here is a review of all of our dates!

A- Asian food, airplanes at the airport, animated movie, almond m&ms

B- Badminton, blue cheese bacon burgers, brownies, bubble bath

C- Croquet, chili, cornbread, cattle

D- Dinner, feeding ducks, discover new destinations

E- Easter eggs, edible dinner, Emperor's New Groove

F- Ferris wheel, fishing, firearms, fast food, french fries, frosties

G- Games with Grandma and Grandpa, work in the garden, garlic Gorgonzola gnocci

H- Hike, Hawaiian shaved ice, Honey I Shrunk the Kids

I- Indian food, Ice-blocking, The Incredibles, ice-cream

J- Jams, Jalapeno jelly, Jigsaw puzzle, jelly beans, jammies, Jungle to Jungle

K- Kids kayaking, korean kimchi, kit kats

L- Look at leaves, laughing, lunch, lemonade, laundry

M- Museum, movie marathon, m&ms, Mormon missionaries, Mexican, mock margaritas

N- New restaurant, nachos, newlywed game, netflix

O- Oatmeal, omelets, Orienteering, obstacles, Orange Julius, Opera, Outback, origami

P- Picnic, park, playground, Payson, Puddles

Q- Quadruple date, Quesadillas, Quinoa, Quotis, qwirkle, queen sized quilt

R- Relax, restaurant, ride, rock and roll, reservations, refreshments 

S- Strawberry spinach smoothies, squash, sushi, soup, sweets, Sleepless in Seattle

T- Tickets to the theater, treats, tricks, temple

U- Utes, Uncles, UP house, University, pineapple upside-down cake

V- Visitor's Center, validation, a view of the valley

W- Walk, Waffles, and animals under Water

X- MeXican food, XBox, and NetfliX

Y- YouTube, yard, yummy food, and young families

Z- Zoo, Zupa's, Zoo Keeper

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