Monday, December 21, 2015

Bethlehem Dinner

My aunt Kim has a WONDERFUL family tradition of doing a "Bethlehem Dinner" the Sunday before Christmas.  After talking to her about it, she was nice enough to not only let us copy her, but gave me a copy of what she does.  We dressed up in clothes similar to what they would have worn during Jesus' time, ate food similar to his time (figs, fish, fruit, bread, olives, and goat cheese), and then we watched the Nativity. 

Darin thought it would be more "authentic to cook the fish whole with the head and all.
I thought the kids would be too grossed out, but they did REALLY well!

Lindsay wasn't super fond of it, but Matt said, "Lindsay, if you go on a mission, someone might make you food like this and you'll have to eat it so they don't feel bad, so you better start practicing now."  Hmmmm.... I wonder where he's heard that before!  ha!

We each lit a candle and said what we were thankful for. 
 (Haylee--that Jesus was born, Lindsay---that Heavenly Father chose a star as the sign that Jesus was born, Matt--That Jesus died for us, Andrew--for mommy and daddy, Darin--for the teachings of Jesus).

These are NOT authentic olives, but the kids had fun with them.

 It was a WONDERFUL night!  
Thanks again, Kim, for letting us copy your tradition! 

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Andrew and Gina said...

How neat. A kid in my Sunday school class told us that his family does this too. I'd never heard of it before.