Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!
This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Hodgkinson side.
(It has been about 4 years since we were last with my side on Thanksgiving).

We only had two problems with the whole day:
#1- We missed my sister, Heather, and her family.
#2- Our family is full of AMAZING cooks and EVERYTHING was so good that we got too full!

I didn't take a ton a pictures, because I did a lot of video this time.
(I'll post the video soon).

Here are the few pictures that I took.

Mom always sets a beautiful table.
This year was my favorite.

Dad carving the turkey!

My cute sister-in-law, Jadi did a cute play last year for the Gunnerson family.
She was nice enough to not only let me copy her, but MAILED the play, costumes, and props.
Thanks Jadi!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
I sure am thankful for this WONDERFUL family of mine!!

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