Sunday, November 1, 2015

Snow White Halloween Costumes

I LOVE family themed Halloween Costumes.
My niece, Eliza, had this darling Snow White costume.
I thought Lindsay would be a PERFECT Snow White, so we made it our 2015 theme.

Darin's cousin, Amy, did the theme the previous year, and when I asked how she made the Evil Queen costume, she was kind enough to just let me use hers!  (I REALLY LOVE it!!)

So, that left me to make the boys costumes.  For Darin, I did paper mache for his mask, I stapled black chiffon fabric to the back of one of my mom's frames, and then stapled more black fabric for behind his head.  last I bought Darin a black graduation robe at DI for $2 and he was done.

My mom helped me with both Matt and Andrew's costume.  Andrew's just started as a woman's turtle neck from DI and then we used some of mom's leather for the belt and felt for the buttons.  I bought his ears on Amazon and mom sewed them on to a headband.  Matt is wearing church clothes with a vest we made from a $1 shirt from DI and his cape is a round table cloth.  So, our costumes came to a grand total of about $10!  Not too bad!!

(We totally copied your idea, Amy)

Thanks a ton to mom, for helping me with sewing, Kristy for the Snow dress, and Amy for the Evil Queen!! 

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