Monday, November 2, 2015

October Service

Here are our 4 service projects for October.

#1- We took donuts to some nurses up at the U of U (including our favorite nurse, Krista).

#2- We raked our neighbors' yard.

#3- We donated 20 care packages to the Women's Shelter

#4- We donated the majority of the kids Halloween candy to Valley View Elementary (they are collecting candy to send to the Service men and women over seas, and you can still donate if you'd like to!  Feel free to contact me for more info).

I was REALLY proud of how generous my kids were with sharing their candy.  Matt kept 7 pieces of candy for himself, and said, "Do you think I kept too much?"  Sweet boy.  Lindsay wasn't feeling as generous, but she decided to keep about 7 pieces too.  Andrew didn't have much choice.  I let him pick 3 candies and then we gave the rest away.


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