Monday, October 5, 2015

September's Service

This year, we chose the family theme, "Who Can I Serve Today?"
Every night at dinner we ask the kids who they served.  
Their daily service can be small like smiling at a stranger or sharing a toy.
Once a week, we try to do a family service that is a little bigger.

I hope to report or service each month.
I am NOT doing this for a pat on the back, rather, to to help my kids remember how good it feels to serve and maybe even encourage someone else to do a little service too!

So, here is our service for the month!

We donated a DOZEN bags of clothing to a boy in our ward to help with his Eagle Project.
(More on my decluttering later)

We picked our peaches and shared with our neighbors.

We took dinner to Lindsay's primary teacher that had had surgery.

We made and donated bookmarks to the library.


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