Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Saturday pictures, museum, and sushi!

On Saturday, we had our family pictures taken by Busath Photography!!
(I can't tell you how excited I am about it!  I get to see the pictures on Friday!!!!)

After pictures, we had an hour before Darin's cousin's wedding reception.
So, we decided to check out the newly reopened Church History Museum.
It was awesome!  We could have spent more time, but the kids had fun!

Lindsay did this pose without any prompting.  I LOVE these two.
(And I love Andrew who was still wondering around the museum when I took these).

After the reception, we went out for sushi with Rick and Olivia.
It was Oliva and Matt's first time.

Olivia did really good!  Matt did AWESOME too!! 
 He even ate some of our sashimi and asked for more!!

Lindsay, calls herself  "the sushi maniac."
That is true.  She LOVES it!
I'm so glad our kids (minus Andrew) are so adventurous!

(We were holding up our chopsticks because they say "Nagoya" and that is where Darin's parents are serving their mission).  Thanks for the picture Rick!

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