Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Mom and dad planned a fun Halloween party.
Yummy food, fun games, cute costumes, and more!

This year, our family did "Snow White."
Lindsay was Snow White, Matt was Prince Charming, Andrew was Dopey, I was the Evil Queen, and Darin was the Magic Mirror.

Eliza was a perfect Cinderella and Reese a darling mouse.

And I LOVE Annie and Gracie as American Girl Dolls.

Grandma had several fun games planned.
Here are the kids listening to instructions.

Waiting their turn for the games.

This was a Frankenstein race.  They had to keep the pennies on the back of their hands.

The next game was a Dracula race.  
They had to transport marshmallows in their vampire teeth.

This game the kids had to transfer Skeleton rings on straws across the room.
You can see Andrew dropping his ring in this picture.

Last, the kids had to knock over ghost water bottles with nylons and a ball on their head.

After the party, we went trick or treating to Grandpa Welling.

Finally, trick or treating on Main!

Happy Halloween!!

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