Wednesday, October 7, 2015

General Conference

I LOVE General Conference!!

My kids are starting to love it too, which makes me really happy!
We made our "General Conference Wall" again this year.
Saturday night, Andrew pulled down and crumpled all of our notes.
I spent Saturday night ironing the kids' pictures and putting them back on the wall.
The whole time I ironed, I stared at President Uchtdorf's picture and note, "SIMPLIFY."

I got them all back up, and Andrew pulled and crumpled them again.
I did not iron them the 2nd time.

I felt like the whole Saturday morning session was for me.
All my prayers were answered, I felt renewed, and ready to start again!

Sunday morning, Andrew got noisy towards the end of the session.
Darin put tape over his mouth and colored on a mustache.
Despite his face, Andrew, and everyone else, thought it was really funny.
I will need to go back and re-listen to President Eyring's talk.

Between sessions on Sunday, we went to my parents for our Conference breakfast.

The grandkids found my parents death masks.

Every time we go, Andrew has to go to the basement bathroom to see the fish.

Matt and the girls played "dogs."
(And I wonder why he gets holes in the knees of his pants).

Family time wouldn't be complete without candy from Grandpa.
The kids have to say "The Gospel's True and I love you" before they can have a piece.

I tried to record Andrew saying it, because it is the cutest thing, but I didn't get it this time.

We went for a little drive and saw these wild turkeys!  So fun!

I can hardly wait for April Conference!

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