Tuesday, October 27, 2015

6th Annual Neighborhood Donut Party

We pulled off another successful donut party!
I made the most donuts I've ever done!  It was a TON!
I started making donuts about 3:30, and we didn't stop until about 10:00.
It is a lot of work, but it also is one of my favorite nights of the year!
We are so lucky to have such AMAZING neighbors!  

My cute helpers!

This isn't even all of the donuts...and I still had another bowl of dough!

My awesome, studly husband!
(And thanks Heather for letting us use your fabulous fryer!)

Until next year!!

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Uriona Family said...

You are so awesome. it seems like you just do one party after another. Way to find the JOY in life. You are a true inspiration. :) Now...I have tried carrying on this tradition from the Hewletts down here I keep experimenting with new recipes but haven't found one I LOVE yet. Would you mind sending me your recipe? stacyuriona@gmail.com