Monday, September 28, 2015

V Date

Darin took us on a VICTORIOUS V- Date.
We VENTURED to Temple Square's VISITOR's Centers.
We ate at the NauVoo Cafe and got a VALIDATION for our parking.
We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to check out the VIEW of the VALLEY .

Right now at the JSMB they have an awesome display of the "helping hands" that kids have sent in.
We sent in ours earlier, but we didn't find ours.  (Shocker, I know!)

They also had a cute place where you could write the service you'd like to do.

Lindsay = "I will smile at everyone I see."
Matt = "I will help push Sister Weber's wheelchair"
Andrew = (with help from dad) "I will clean up the messes I make."


Andrew loved seeing the choo-choo train (Trax).

We went to the Family Discovery Center.
It was my first time.  If you haven't gone...GO!!!
It was seriously so awesome!!  So fun for all ages!!

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