Sunday, September 27, 2015

UDDERly beautiful MOOsic!!

I am the primary chorister in my ward.
(By the way, I am pretty sure that is the best calling in the world!  I LOVE it!)

We had our Saturday practice yesterday, so I put together some treats for the kids.
We did cookies and milk with a cow theme.

"Holy COW!  You sounder UDDERLY aMOOzing!!

Don't be fooled by the amount of cookies.
I only made one batch, and then bought the rest.

This is brother and sister Moody.
Lindsay said, "Did you do all this for the MOOOdy's?"
I thought that was so clever of her!

I sure love being in primary with this cute group!
And I have the MOST AWESOME chorister partner, Laurie, who missed this photo op.


Ioana said...

You are simply AMAZING!!!

Amy said...

This is awesome! And Lindsey is adorable