Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My favorites!

Matthew. You are the most obedient, sensitive, kind hearted boy I know. You always want to do what's right. You really are the best big brother. You cry when you miss a night of your personal scripture study, worried that you won't finish the Book of Mormon by the time you're 8. You are smart, good, and kind. I love you!

Lindsay you are an absolute sweetheart! You are enthusiastic, happy, and fun! I can always count on you for squeals, ooos, and ahhs on my projects. You crack me up with your big vocabulary (that you often use incorrectly). 4 years ago doctors said they didn't think you would ever walk or talk, and that is kind of true because instead of walking, you're always dancing and instead of talking you're always singing!  You love your dad and want to marry him. My biggest wish is that you'll find someone just like him. You say the sweetest, most sincere prayers. You make life fun! You are my miracle girl!

Oh my Andrew! You are NOT like your siblings! You are my wild man! Although you make me want to pull my hair out daily, when you flash your million dollar smile all is forgiven. You also give the world's best kisses! I love that even though you're always on the go, you always have time to cuddle me. One of my recent favorites is when you're in trouble or when it's time for bed, you say "da dople too an I yu yu yu you!" (The Gospel's true and I love you) hoping to get out of it! Love you, wild man!!

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