Sunday, August 23, 2015

Last Swim of the Summer

Every Thursday we do a "Sisters Swim Day."
We decided to do our last one and go out with a BANG!
Unfortunately for us, (and lucky for them) Hez went on a cruise and Heather went on an Anniversary getaway trip!  So, Kristy, mom, and I did our last one with a BANG!

I sure love watching my kids play with their cousins.
I have spent EVERY summer of my life at this pool, and I have SO many wonderful memories of this pool with MY cousins.  Playing "bumper bums" with Heidi and Andrea.  Playing Mario, Lugi, and Princess Peach and pretending the handles on the side of the pool were Yoshis with Stephen and Blake.  My first time EVER doing photography was taking pictures of Maddie jumping off the diving board.  I remember doing different style dives (ballerina and frog were the favorite) with Chandler, Krista, and more.  Other games like Marco Polo, Categories, Sharks, and more with all the rest of my cousins.

I'm so glad that my kids can continue those same traditions at the pool with their cousins.


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