Monday, August 3, 2015

Family History-- Job Welling

We always have a family dinner on the first Sunday of the month.
Recently, we have been taking turns doing "family history" lessons.
Yesterday, grandpa took a turn.  He told us about our several great grandpa, Job Welling.
Job was in the bishopric where the 1st primary was organized.
We went out to Farmington to see the church.
Heather's uncle happens to be the Stake President and let us into the chapel.
It is a really unique chapel, because it has a HUGE mural of the 1st primary.
There is also a plaque on the front of the building with grandpa Job's name on it.

I know the church handbook says not to take pictures in the chapel, but is it ok to post pictures that other people have taken?  I'll have to look into that! 

This is the painting close up that I found on


These are some of my FAVORITE primary kids on the planet!!

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