Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back to School Luncheon

Last year, my cute friend Kellie asked me if I would be PTA treasurer.
Knowing next to nothing about PTA, and thinking the treasurer did nothing, I said yes.
Oh, how I was wrong!  Treasure was VERY busy, and as much as I tease Kellie, I really did like it.

This year, I decided to take a step back and sign up for "hospitality" which basically means I get to do all the PTA meals for the teachers.  
I LOVE it!  This is a great fit for me!  Last week was my first job: the back to school luncheon.

I made BBQ chicken sandwiches, chips, coleslaw, and cupcakes.  
My new friend Audrey brought watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and banana bread. 
 The teachers seemed to like it, and it was fun to do.

I made this fun little backdrop for the luncheon.
It made me feel good that one of the teachers reused it for her "bulletin board."
Then the principle wanted it for a backdrop for teacher pictures she had me take.
(As much as I like how it turned out, I thought the outside would be a better backdrop).

I LOVE these teachers at Matt's school.
And I LOVE Matt's teacher!
(She's the top right in the pink!)

But, as much as I love these teachers, I wish I could keep Matt a little boy forever and just spend all day every day with that little fellow!

Another thing I love about PTA is the other moms on PTA.
And I LOVE their boys!
And I LOVE how good their boys are to my kids!
They helped watch my kids the whole time I got the luncheon ready and took the pictures of the teachers.

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