Sunday, August 9, 2015

Alphabet Dates-- T Date

Darin planned a TERRIFFIC T date!  He TOOK us TO THE movie THEATER (THANK TO Rick for the TICKETS and TREATS). We watched Inside Out, and I should have brought TISSUES for my TEARS!!  After the show we TROTTED around Station Park and Darin bought us a TREAT at TORINO’s, it was TASTY!  They also overcharged us and I got TWELVE dollars back!  Our TOTS kept TEASING us by getting their hands wet in the fountain and TOUCHING us!  Matt did some cool TRICKS with Andrew.  That night Darin TOOK me TO THE TEMPLE.

(Side note: EVERYTIME we have done these alphabet dates, Darin tries to make our date the temple.  B=BOUNTIFUL temple,  D= Redeem the DEAD, F= Creating eternal FAMILIES, H=Go to the HOUSE of the Lord, ect.  He really did it every time it was his turn to plan.  I promise we do go to the temple, but this is the 1st time I’ve let him count it for one of our Alphabet dates!

Love these crazy guys!  Look how TAN Matt is!  (He did not get that from his mother).

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