Saturday, July 11, 2015

Youth Conference Part 1

For Youth Conference, we were going to take the YM/YW to the cabin, but there was a scheduling conflict, so they did a little Conference at home.

On Thursday, they went to the temple to to baptisms for the dead.
After baptisms we took the to the pool for dinner and a swim.

Following swimming, we were going to do an outdoor movie, but with the crazy weather, we decided to head indoors.  We had the YM/YW come to our house and we quickly turned our basement into stadium seating!  (A favorite in college-- you put one couch on the floor, then the next couch you raise with cinder-blocks, then raise the last one even higher).  It worked out well, and it was a fun day/night.

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Janene's Place said...

Love the youth conference pictures! Thanks for posting them on your blog - just loved them! Thanks to both you and Darin for all your hard work to help the youth have a great experience!! Love ya!!