Monday, July 27, 2015

Bountiful Handcart Days

We had a fantastic 23rd of July!
One of my favorites of the year!  
We did the parade then fireworks at Heather's

Mom got an ice-cream cone for her birthday.
I'm pretty sure Lindsay ate the majority of it.

This guy waved RIGHT to us!  Matt thought that was pretty neat!

I am still a Brave at heart, but we have been listening to the Woods Cross Band play everyday and so we couldn't help cheer for them!  

Lindsay LOVED getting to see her cute babysitter in the parade!

This was my favorite float!
Book of Mormon heroes on one side, and future missionaries on the other side.

We got so much "stuff" at the parade.  Matt was pretty proud of his Ute stuff.
Especially showing it to his cougar mother.

My favorite part of the parade was right after this picture was taken of Lindsay.
There was something she didn't get that they were throwing out, and she got really sad.
I showed her the kids way in the back, and told her they probably didn't get anything at all.
After that, she took all of her candy, necklaces, fans, and any other "stuff" and walked to the kids sitting way in the back, and handed out all of her things to kids that didn't get anything.  She was so much happier to share and give her things away.  I was really proud of her.

After the parade we headed up to Heather's.
She always hosts the most amazing pre-firework show.
Really, it is so much fun!

Greg loads up his potato gun with glowsticks, candy, and toys, then shoots it off and the kids run and get everything!  It is a hoot!  Here is a video I took from last year, HERE.

Lindsay loved getting candy (especially after she gave all of hers away at the parade).

BJ is always the hit of the party!

Kids getting ready for more candy!

The 23rd is also my favorite mama's birthday!
We sang happy birthday and had some cake!

And, as always, the fireworks did not disappoint.

I think it was the best year of fireworks yet!

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