Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bean Museum

My darling cousin, Katie, invited us down to Provo for a play-date.
It was fun to be down at BYU.  I couldn't believe how many things had changed!
We went to the Bean Musuem and it was nearly unrecognizable.

Katie put together some cute scavengar hunt papers.  The kids loved it!
My other cousins, Jeff, Reesa, and Sarah joined us too!  It was so good to see them!
I feel so lucky to have such fun, cute cousins!!

After the museum, Katie made us a delicious picnic lunch.
Then, we headed to the MOA and a few other places around campus.
It was such a fun day!  

I spent so much time studying these birds in college for one of my classes.
I could only name a handful now.

Lindsay and Elizabeth were inseparable! 

The elevator there is HUGE!  Jeff, jokingly told some people to wait for the next elevator because he didn't think there was enough room.  They didn't get on.  He's so funny!!
 (But, I'm pretty sure they were wanting to go to the basement).

The kids loved running down the ramp!

Andrew loved looking at the ducks!

And after a minute, he was in WITH the ducks!

This was my favorite display at the art museum.
The whole thing is made out of hangers!
People are so clever and talented!

We also went to the WILK.  The kids had fun climbing on the railing.
When we left, we got a few steps outside of the building, and I couldn't find Andrew.

When I realized he never came out, and went back in to find this...

He was trying to be a big kid, and got stuck on the railing!

Don't I have the cutest cousins!!?  And they have the CUTEST kids too!!
LOVE this group!!

Thanks for inviting me down for such a fun day, Katie!
And I'm so glad the other cousins got to join us too!
Thanks again!!

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Mom C said...

Oh how fun!!! Thanks for getting together with those kids. So many great pictures, but I love that Daniel and Matthew and Elizabeth and Lindsey are holding hands in the last picture. GREAT!