Saturday, June 13, 2015

This is the Place!

My sister-in-law, Kristy, invited us to the free day at 'This Is The Place Heritage Park.'
It was my  first time going (besides receptions), and I LOVED it.

I'm sure I looked like a big mess when I got there, because I spent the time on the drive up telling the kids about Brigham Young, church history, and pioneer stories.  I was a bawling mess.  Lindsay said, "It feels like church in our car!"  What an amazing history we have--and to think I used to dislike pioneer stories--I have since repented!  

I LOVE Brigham Young's farm house.  I kind of would like to live there.
Now, I am thinking I definitely need a "ballroom" and "ballroom overflow."

I'll be honest, I kind of wanted to steal these cute jars!

I LOVE the details in their china! 

Matt thought the wrap around porch was pretty cool--I'd have to agree!

The kids all got a free ice-cream cone too!  Lucky day!

The kids and I loved the printing press.  
I am sure thankful that we have the convenience of printers today!

Andrew LOVED the choo choo train!

Matt's favorite part was the barber shop.
He got a nice clean shave! 

Here are the kids carding the wool.

They also saw the wool turn to yarn.

Then, they got a little outdoor performance.

The kids got to go "panning for gold."

Then, they got to take it to the bank to have it weighed.
Matt's was worth 50 cents.  (That Eliza graciously shared).

Matt loved running across this cute bridge.

Thanks Kristy for inviting us on this fun outing!!

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