Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Trip to the Cabin!

We took a quick trip to the cabin this weekend!
The weather was crazy--rainy, snowy, sunny, you name it!
We took the Mudrow family with us.  
Zak and Darin work together and Kellee is just one of those awesome people I really want to be like).

With the weather being so crazy it was mostly a stay in type of day.
We watched movies, played a game, and just visited.
Later we drove up the road to Provo Falls and it was snowing like crazy!

Andrew and Mason are just a few weeks apart.
They got along REALLY well the first night--then off and on the 2nd day.

Lindsay and Kate are about the same age.

Tim Tam Slams!

On the way up to the falls.

Lindsay stayed in the car with Andrew and me.

Thanks Mudrow family for the fun weekend!

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Kellee said...

We had sooo much fun! Thanks for inviting us!