Monday, May 4, 2015

May the FOURTH be with you!

My friend, Allie, had a fun Star Wars theme dinner last week.
When I realized Monday would be May the FOURTH, I thought it would be fun to copy her.
Darin works late Mondays, so I decided to do it a little early on Friday.

The kids LOVED it!
Matt said, "Mom, can we do this every Friday, but with different movies?"
Maybe bud.

I copied a lot of my ideas from my friend, Bridget.
You can see her AMAZING Star Wars party HERE.

I'm not much of a seamstress, but I was thrilled with the yoda hat I made Andrew.
(I made the hat out of an old pair of his pants).
Unfortunately, Andrew HATED it. HATED IT!!

He didn't seem to mind while I was trying it on him for fittings, but once he saw it in the mirror,
he HATED it!


Matt and Lindsay LOVED their costumes.
Lindsay's was the most expensive to make, and it cost me $1.
(Again, I was pretty impressed by my limited sewing ability).

Darin didn't know we were going to do this.  We surprised him with a costume too!
Thanks Blake for the mask, and thanks Krista for finding it! Love you two!

We let the kids eat dinner WHILE watching the movie.
They thought that was pretty fun!

May the FOURTH be with you!

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