Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lindsay's 1st Ballet Performance

Lindsay has been in ballet for over a year now, and FINALLY had her 1st performance!
She was SO excited!  She has been waiting a LONG time for this day!
We've been to nearly every Creative/Ballet performance since she was one.

This year's ballet was Peter Pan!  
Lindsay got to be a parrot --and what a cute parrot she was!

Lindsay has four other cousins that take lessons at Creative Arts Academy.  I LOVE it!
Here's Lindsay with Eliza "A London Child."

Lindsay's cute ballet class!  So sweet!

Dancing on the big stage!  This perfomance was at Viewmont High School.  There were TONS of people there, (including President Eyring), and Lindsay wasn't nervous AT ALL!!  So proud of her!

They ended the dance SOOO cute!  
They had pirates come and pick up the parrots, put them on their shoulders, and walked of the stage! 
They are so clever!

Coming out for final curtain call!

Flowers from her adoring fans! 

Love this carrot parrot!!
Thanks to all the support for Lindsay!  
She had aunts, cousins, uncle, grandparents, neighbors, and President Eyring (ha). 

And here is a little video of her performance!

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Jadi said...

SO SO CUTE!!! Please tell Lindsay I LOVED it and she did a great job. :)