Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lake Powell --Part 3

We spent a day exploring Lake Powell on foot.
It sure it beautiful!
This first picture is our view from our campsite!

Next, we went to explore the dam.

Then, we went on a hike to horseshoe bend!
Boy!  Is is BEAUTIFUL!!

I thought it was cute that these three wore the same shirt!
They are pretty super!

After our hikes, Jadi did a cute scavenger hunt for the kids, and one of the prizes was bubbles!

Weston was SO cute!!  He talks so well and he is SO much bigger than Andrew!
They are only 2 months apart!

Our last night we had a bonfire, played some more game, and Jadi gave out awards to everyone!

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Amy said...

We're going to Lake Powell in August and I think we need to hike this. SO beautiful!!!!