Friday, May 29, 2015

Lake Powell -- Part 2

While we were in Lake Powell, Jadi planned and prepared the most fun games!
We played a bunch of minute to win it games and everyone had a blast!

Jadi counting all the cheese puffs!

They played a game to see who could wrap a mummy the fastest, Matt and Darin won!

We played this fun game using beans, a cup, and a ruler.

They also had a bean toss--that was surprisingly much more difficult than you'd imagine. 

Uncle Geoff helping the kids to the math to determine the winner!

More games...

It started to rain, so I took all the kids into the tent for more games (minus Kaden and Scarlet).

After games, the men went on a little fishing trip.

While the men and older boys were fishing, the women stayed back for walks, visits, and shopping.
We also spent a lot of time in the tent during the rainy afternoon.

And here is another cute craft Jadi did with the kids!

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