Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lake Powell --Part 1

We spent 5 days in beautiful Lake Powell for a little Gunnerson Reunion!
We had so much fun and it was so great to be with the family!

We had most of the family there--minus Tom and Chris and his family.
(We missed you Breanna, Parkar, Lissie, Katelynn, Jacob, Logan, Abbey, Lila, Chris, Taylor, and Tom).

The first day we pretty much just drove down, set up camp, and visitied.
The next day we started with a "mountain man breakfast" (that we made WAY too much of).

After breakfast, Jadi had the families choose a team name and had each family make their own flag.
We were the "Lake Powell Monsters."  
Matt's monster is my favorite!  He did his with NO help!

After our flags were finished, we headed to the lake.
We took turns on the boat and on the beach.

Lindsay sure loves all of her uncles!

Darin made this cool rock sculpture!

Lindsay already misses Kaylee like CRAZY!!
We sure wished they lived closer!

Matt was a little hesitant to get on the tube, but he LOVED it once we got going!

Andrew fell asleep with grandma!

Check out that awesome sandcastle Nate and Janie's family made!

Lindsay held Noah like this for a good 2 or more minutes.
She had a HUGE crush on Noah and says she want to marry him!

That night we did nacho casserole (again, I made WAY too much).

It started getting windy and a little rainy, so we brought the toppings into our tent.

Cute Luke!  

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