Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Lil' Monster Is TWO!!

We had a little Monster Birthday for Andrew yesterday.
I thought a "Monster Theme" fit him a little too well!!

It was a beautiful day, even though it had snowed only two days earlier!
Thanks to all the family for coming!

Here is the cake I made.  
I used a grass tip to frost it, melted chocolate chips for the pupils and mouth, and candy-melts for the teeth.

I was really happy with my carved watermelon I made! And Andrew loved it too!

Monster sandwiches

My cheeto monster.  (I used a pool noodle, toothpicks, and cheetos).

I love this guy--my friend Barbie painted him, and all the monsters you'll see in the last picture.

We ended with this little 30 second video of our monster.

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