Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hodgkinson Easter Dinner

Hodgkinson Easter Dinner
Dinner was divine!  (It always is).
Oh, how I love being with this wonderful family of mine!

Mom's ham was the best I'd ever had!
Heather H's salad was amazing!
And Heather M's rolls were super cute--you can't see it very well, but they are bunnies!

Dessert--also yumm-o!
Ben and Kristy made that beauty!  Woah!!

Cute matching Annie and Grace!

It was extra fun to have Job and Johanna for a little while!
Love my cousins!

Lindsay "reading" the 1st clue (with LOTS of help from Becca).

Going upstairs for a clue!

Back downstairs for a clue in the office.

Upstairs and down again!

A clue in the fridge!

Back upstairs to the balcony!

They FOUND it!!

One of the gifts was silly string!
First, they got Uncle Rick!

Next they got grandpa!

They also got some bubbles!

Super-model Kristy with her cute girls--just wish Ben was in it too.

Andrew and Reese.
Would you believe that Andrew is 5 months OLDER that Reese.
I think they look like they could be twins!

Happy Easter!!

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