Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference

I LOVE General Conference!  I especially loved it this time!  My friend Becca said that her family always spent the week before conference preparing and getting “Conference Clean.”  I tried really hard to get my house in order so that I could sit and enjoy the talks without distractions of what needed to be done.  I really felt like it added to the spirit in our home and I enjoyed conference more because of it!  Thanks for the suggestion Becca!!  (However, after 8 hours in front of the TV, and kids not always staying interested, you’d never know that my house was clean two days ago).

One part during general conference, all three kids were sitting quietly and listening.  It was so peaceful!  Until, I realized that Andrew had been doing this:

We also made a wall of the 1st presidency and the 12 apostles.  We let the kids draw pictures of what they heard and I wrote the “main idea.”  This was a really fun thing that I thought of BY MYSELF!!  I especially like it because I think it will be a great way to review for Family Home Evening!

I love the pictures of the temple that the kids drew!  

At one point during conference I had a funny conversation with the kids.
Matt:  When will we get a new prophet?
Me: President Monson will be the Prophet as long as he is alive.
Matt: So when he dies we'll have a new Prophet.
Lindsay:  Oooo!  I hope the next Prophet is "Old Packer"
Matt: Or L. Tom Perry, because he's six foot three!

And I made my own little side board of "main ideas" from messages not from the 12.

I LOVE General conference!
Now, I can't wait until the October session!!

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