Saturday, April 4, 2015

April Fools!

This was not my most successful April Fool’s Day.
I decided to target my brother, Rick, as my main victim this year.
I had big plans to sabotage his office.
However, I couldn't get in, so that whole thing went out the window.

I knew my dad was meeting Rick at Chili’s for lunch, so I took the kids to go decorate his car.
We put up “Honk, Just Married” on the car, and we were in the middle of adding cans, ribbons, and streamers when the car turned on and started to back up!  I SCREAMED, “NO!!!!  STOP!!!!”  But, the prank was on me, because Rick saw me in the restaurant and was pretending to back up!  Mean guy!

I have been pranking my dad for years, and this year I thought I’d do a nice prank, and secretly pay for his and Rick’s lunch.  But that failed too because they knew I was there.  Bummer.  (The waiter however, thought it was a nice prank!)

Later in the day, I did the usual, coloring on the kids’ faces and switching their beds at nap time.
But my FAVORITE part of the day, was getting to prank the Sister Missionaries!  

We signed up to have them over for dinner, and when they showed up, I had Matt say, “Sorry, my mom’s not doing dinner anymore!  APRIL FOOLS!”

Then, we did cupcakes for dinner (meatloaf with mashed potatoes), suckers (frozen grapes on sticks), and Kool-Aid (Jell-O with a straw).  The Kool-Aid was my favorite—the kids were SOO confused, and Andrew got SO frustrated trying to suck up the drink!

We have had chili for dinner probably 6 times within a month.  The kids were SO SICK of chili, and I told them we were having it for dessert.  Matt said, “Fine!  I’m not going to eat all my dinner so I don’t have to eat the chili for dessert.”  He quickly changed his mind when he realized it was cake!

We had a fun rest of the night with the sisters, and overall, it was a great April Fools day!

These little peanut butter sandwiches are supposed to look like ravioli and the jam is supposed to look like marinara sauce.  Not super successful, but the kids thought it was delicious!! 

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