Sunday, March 1, 2015

Surprise #2

Do you know how you can REALLY surprise someone? Throw them a surprise party after they JUST had one!

I was a little sad that Darin was going to have to work late on my birthday, so my sweet sister Heather offered to have me come to her house for dinner at 6:00, but she had to leave at 7:00.  I felt bad to put her out, but I was also REALLY glad to have something to do on my birthday.  I told her that I would bring dessert, because I just got a new tip for my birthday that I wanted to try out.
I was late getting to my sister’s house, and Heather answered the door.  When I walked in, I saw my dad sitting in the family room.  I thought that was so nice of Heather to invite dad, because mom was helping out with the dance recital.  Two seconds later Rick, Heather, Annie, Grace, Ben, Kristy, Eliza, Reese, Greg, Becca, Ellie, Sarah, Rachel, and my mom ALL popped out from behind the couch with,
I was SHOCKED!  We went into the kitchen and Heather reused my “Hayleewood” sign, but instead of a “Hollywood” theme, she did a “Bollywood” theme, and did a TON of Indian food!  It was so DELICIOUS, so fun, so cute, and SUCH a SURPRISE!!
I SERIOUSLY have the BEST family in the WORLD!!! 

Thank you SOO SOO  much Heather and Greg!!

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