Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Payson, Parowan, and St. George

This last week I made the error of boiling eggs--then forgetting, then going to the park for 3 hours.  When we came home the house was filled with smoke from floor to ceiling.  We have some AWESOME neighbors that have been helping us with cleaning up the smell (thanks Tressa and Ryan).  We decided to get away from the smell and take a little trip down south to St. George.

On our way down, we had a little car trouble and we spent the night at Payson Quality Inn.  The kids LOVED it!  They loved the breakfast the next morning--especially the "Friday Drinks."  (I try to only give my kids sugar drinks once a week, and we chose Friday, so the kids call them 'Friday Drinks.')

The kids (mainly Andrew) needed another break on the way down and we stopped in Parowan which is the cutest little town, and I'm so glad we stopped! 

Shortly after getting to St. George, it was time for a nap.  I love this picture of these two cuties!

Mom and Dad gave Matt this cool spider-man parachute thing.

And we played some croquet. 

That night we went to the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

The kids on the train to bed.

The next morning we saw this cool hot air balloon floating directly over mom and dad's house!

Our neighbors, the Cleverlys, are on a mission serving over the St. George Visitor Center.  We stopped by to visit them and they gave us a wonderful tour and it was really fun to be with them!  We love the Cleverlys!

After the temple we went to Brigham Young's Winter Home.
The kids were a little whiny and we didn't last very long. 

And this is my favorite picture from the trip!

Thanks mom and dad!


Naazju said...

I'm glad the smokey egg fiasco ended with a simple vacation and not a non-house! (And what ended up being wrong with the car? I don't remember seeing on Facebook...)

ERINR said...

Oh, I miss Southern Utah! My husband graduated from Parowan! Love that little town.