Monday, February 23, 2015


This weekend was the BEST!!

Saturday afternoon, Darin went to run a few errands and came back with my car cleaned and this beautiful bouquet of flowers!  
What a surprise!  

But, it didn't end there!

That night Darin said we were going on one of our "Alphabet Dates" -- the letter "N."  
He said we were going "NO WHERE and doing NOTHING."
He told me to dress "nice" and he went to pick up our "nieces" to babysit.
As we were leaving, my mom called to see if we could stop by really quick to help her with her table for a dinner party she was having (I've known about her "dinner party" for a week now).
When we got to her house, Darin knocked on the door--which we NEVER do, and I thought it was so weird, but didn't think much about it.
Then, mom took me in to the dining room, but the table wasn't set.  I asked if they were eating at the kitchen table and she said yes.  (I also thought it was weird that she took me through the dining room to get to the kitchen, but didn't get suspicious of anything)  When we went into the kitchen I heard.... 


A bunch of my friends from my ward popped out from behind the couch!  Biggest surprise EVER!!  I didn't suspect a thing!  Looking back, there were a lot of things I should have caught on to, but it never added up in my head!  

Mom planned the CUTEST party EVER!!!  I love doing parties and this was better than ANYTHING I could have ever planned!!  The decorations were AMAZING, the game was so FUN, the food was DELICIOUS, and the company was FABULOUS!!  

They did a "Hollywood" theme, but instead it was "HAYLEEWOOD."  So clever!  

Mom made a game "How well do you know our star."
She had really funny questions and it was a lot of fun!

My sister made this awesome cake!  It is like the "walk of fame" stars you see in Hollywood!
So cute!!  Thanks Heather!!

Look at all these decorations!  I know that Kristy helped a ton with all of the decorations!
Thank you Kristy!!

These two!  LOVE them more than ANYTHING!!  Great planners!!

Ok, look at that food!  If you think it LOOKS good-- it TASTED even better!!

Mom even had a photobooth!!
How do I look as a blonde?

The kids even got in on the action (after the party was over---yes they stayed up WAY past bedtime).

Thanks again mama-c-ta!!  You are the BEST!!!

Thanks to all my fabulous friends for coming!  Such a fun night!!

Thanks one more time to EVERYONE who helped out!
(Especially mom, dad, Darin, Heather, Kristy, and Laurie!)

Turning 30 isn't too bad when you've got such great friends and family!!


Ioana said...

How AWESOME!!!!! You so deserve such a nice surprise! And happy early birthday! The 30s are wonderful. :)

Jessica Sorensen said...

Is it sad that my favorite picture is of the food?! Looks amazing! But really, the whole party turned out great! Happy birthday!