Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lindsay's MRI

On Wednesday we took Lindsay in to Primary Children’s for an MRI.  She has been “borderline” for the past 3 years and the CT scans weren’t as detailed as her doctor would have liked.  I was a little nervous about the appointment, but it went well.

Before the MRI started the cute nurses (I LOVE PCMC nurses) brought out a treasure box for Lindsay to choose a prize.  Originally she chose a pair of women’s socks, but then she switched to a ballerina Barbie.  When the nurses gave her the sedative they said it might cause short term amnesia. 
We said goodbye to Lindsay, and the nurses where laughing at her because she kept calling the MRI “Tinkerbelle’s cave,” but she couldn’t find Tinkerbelle.  All the red lines that went on her body, Lindsay thought were Tinkerbelle’s tracks. 

When she woke up, the nurses came and brought me to the recovery room.  She was SOO funny coming out of the sedation.  When I came in with the Barbie, Lindsay said, “I chose the Barbie?  I thought I got the socks!”  She downed 3 juice boxes, sting cheese, and crackers.  While she was eating the crackers she said, “mom, could you please ask that lady if I can have some crackers?”  I said, “Lindsay, you are eating crackers!”  She said, “Oh ya.”

After an hour in recovery, I helped Lindsay stand up.  I asked her if she could walk and she said yes.  I let go and she completely collapsed.  We tried again about 5 more times, but she kept falling.  The nurses took her to a table to choose a treat and as she leaned in for the “Roar-ee-ors” (Oreos) she kept leaning and leaning and face planted into the table.  Poor girl!  Darin carried her for the rest of the time.

We had an appointment with her neurosurgeon right after, Dr. Bolo, and Lindsay was so loopy!  She kept saying Bo-lo, Bo-lo, BO-LO!  The doctor measured her head (she and I have the EXACT same size head, and Lindsay head is now bigger than my sisters).  They looked at the scans and said that it look pretty similar to last years, and that they would just continue to weigh the pros and cons of doing another brain surgery.  As for right now, Lindsay is doing well cognitively and physically, so they won’t consider the surgery for at least another year (unless she has side effects like loss of balance, headaches, decrease in academic abilities, etc). 

Dr. Bolo asked Lindsay if she ever had headaches.  She said yes (which surprised me), but then said, “only when I eat ice-cream fast and get a freeze brain.”  It was a great appointment and we are glad she is doing so well!

After the appointment, Darin took us to Market Street (one of my all-time favorites) for lunch.  Lindsay loved EVERYTHING!  When she ate the oysters she said, “Get out of here.  You have got to be kidding me.  This is DELICIOUS!!”  Funny girl!!

This is her brain scan.  The one on the left is this year, the one on the right is last year. If you look at that big 'blob" on the far right of her brain, that is her cyst.  It was the size of a baseball when she was born, and it is even bigger now, but they said as long as it doesn't grow too fast, she will be ok.


Ioana said...

She's such a trooper! I'm so sorry she has to go through this. She's super, super adorable and very lucky to have the two of you as her parents. hugs!

Patrick, Lindsay and Jack said...

Oh my goodness! What a special little girl you have, Hay. She is a miracle baby! And big head means BIG smarts. I am so honored to share her name! Glad things turned out okay.