Friday, February 13, 2015

Be a little "BUTTER"

3 times a year the young women and young men in our ward have a "fireside."  
(I think we are supposed to call them something different now, but I can't remember what).

They rotate to the different members of the bishopric and it was our turn.
Darin and I spoke about making goals and trying harder to become better.
We did a lot of analogies with butter, and had them shake their own butter.

After the devotional we had rolls and 5 different kinds of butter.  We did cinnamon honey butter, cilantro lime butter, raspberry butter, blackberry butter, and garlic butter.  I think the cilantro lime was my favorite.  

I made 84 rolls for 13 kids--and we only had ONE roll left!!  I was glad they liked them!!

Sure LOVE this group of kids---I especially have a soft spot for these girls--they were my Beehives and Mia Maids when I got released.  Now they are MiaMaids and Laurels!!  Love them!

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