Wednesday, February 18, 2015

40 before 40

1. Get a family photo by professional photographer (Busath or Amanda Castleberry)
2. Go see the “Up” house
3. Go to Disneyland again
4. Go on a zipline
5. Do the iFly
6. Learn to fold a fitted sheet perfectly
7. Replace the upstairs doors
8. Ride on a tandem bike
9. Go to the "Roof" on Temple Square (preferable at Christmas)
10. Buy a new or refinish my current kitchen table
11. Participate in a triathlon
12. Golf an actual 9 holes
13. Go snowboarding or snow skiing at a resort
14. Try Waffle Love
15. Refinish the basement (New carpet and paint)
16. Go on a vacation with just Darin
17. Sing Karaoke
18. Sew a dress for Lindsay using one of my old prom dresses
19. Do something adventurous—(like paragliding or zorbing)
20. Do temple work for an ancestor
21. Take a photography class
22. Throw a pie in someone’s face
23. Run another half marathon
24. Learn to play a song on an instrument other than the piano (like the ukulele) 
25. Do another day of service
26. Read 40 books—including the Standard Works and Jesus the Christ
27. Grow out and donate my hair again
28. Try 10 new restaurants  (one a year)
29 Go the gum wall in Washington or to Church History sites
30. Eat frog legs
31. Do the hit and run race or another new fun race
32. Cook a live lobster
33. Go to a "Fish Spa"
34. Ride the “Polar Express” again
35. Dye my hair
36. Go to the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve
37. Step on Darin’s coat going over a puddle
38. Roast Chestnuts on an open fire at Christmas
39. Help Matt get his Eagle
40. Be diaper free!!  All kids potty trained!

1 comment:

Mom C said...

I am really glad that Disneyland is on there. Can't you have more involving California?