Friday, January 2, 2015

Sick Little Lindsay

Lindsay has been sick the past few days.
She’s had a nasty cough, been really lethargic, and just not herself.
When I took her in to the doctors, she had croup, just as I had suspected.
She also magically turned the corner while we were at the doctor’s office.

Dancing and talking nonstop.

She enthusiastically told the doctor all about how she got to eat soup in a special bowl, on a special tray, IN HER BED!  And told the doctor that her dad brings mom fruit on that special tray for her birthday. And on and on and on.

I guess being sick has a few perks!

Now, we need to make sure she is healthy, so she can go in for her MRI next week.
When I explained to Lindsay a little about the upcoming appointment, she said, 

“Woah!  I did not see that one coming through the door.”  

Funny kid!

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