Friday, January 30, 2015

Matthew's Pirate Party

Matt had a fun Pirate Birthday this week!

Here are the invitations that I made:
(Some people tell me I am creative, I really am not--I just take ideas from other people, so to give credit to them, you can see all the ideas I stole on my Pinterest inspiration board HERE ---including the invitation I attempted to copy).

We made a this path to our house:

We looked at a few pirate books while we waited for everyone 
(I HIGHLY recommend those David Shannon books--my kids love them).

Then we got everyone dressed like a pirate (hats, swords, eye patch, etc).

(Thanks Eliza for letting Lindsay use your awesome costume!)

After everyone was dressed we had a big sword fight.

Next we had lunch.

We had hot "scurvy dog" ships.

"Swashbuckling swords"

Jello Jewels
(And thanks Christy for getting me those awesome swords).

Orange boats (Most of the kids took a flag, but left the orange).

And fish and chips.

And check out this AWESOME cake that my sister helped me make 
(or should I say I helped her....she did most of the work--thanks Heather!!)

After lunch we played "pin the treasure chest on the treasure map, then "Walk the Plank"

Next we had a cannon ball fight--they really liked that.

Last Matt discovered a treasure map!  So, we followed the clues!
(Sorry, I do realize my poetry is really bad--my dad even told me so!)

Ahoy there Matey! We’re glad you’re here!

Come look for my treasure like a buccaneer!
Enjoy singing a sea shanty on the boat.
Your first clue is near a piano note.

Avast ye scallywags! Get ready to plunder!
Hear the cannons as loud as thunder!

Swab the deck and be sure to scrub.
Then look for the next clue by the bathtub!

Me first mate is also the cook.

Listen close and get ready to look.
Shiver me timbers! You’re getting hot!
Your next clue is inside a POT!

Aye, me hearties, me booty is getting near!
It’s marooned in a chest, not too far from here.

One step closer to getting the loot,
Go look inside Matthew’s BOOT.

Yo-ho-ho, this is the last clue!

If you solve it, you’ll be through!
The treasure will be yours for keeps--
if you look where the baby SLEEPS.

(Isn't the treasure always under a coconut tree?  
Luckily we just happen to have one in Andrew's room!)

(thanks Heather for letting me borrow your chest and other decorations too!)

Happy Birthday to my best buddy, Matthew!  
Love you pal!

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Nancy Jones said...

Wow! That is one beautiful party. Arr, I mean, what a swashbuckling good time! I think I would have enjoyed the cannon ball fight by those awesome ships the most. I can't believe it's been a year already!