Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Darin's 34th

Poor Darin often gets overlooked on his birthdays.  With two kids’ birthdays in the same week, and Matt’s just the day before, I am a little burned out by his birthday.  But, he likes low-key birthdays anyway.

Would you like to know how I REALLY feel about Darin?

He is the best man I know.

He is the best dad I know.  You should see him play ball with Matt, wrestle with Andrew, or do ballet with Lindsay.  The kids LOVE  him, and will chose him over me every time, no question.

Darin NEVER says ANYTHING bad about ANYONE!  Really!  He doesn’t!
That includes people I think have been unfair or unkind.  Nothing. 
He doesn’t even say bad things about people that would never even find out if he did say something (celebrities or political figures).  He always assumes people are doing their best and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Darin is a HARD worker!  He has been busy at work and will go in early, go straight to church meetings, and still has energy to help me with the kids.  Just last week he let me go to a girls night, and when I got home the house was clean, the kids were fed and in bed, and he took all three kids to the flower shop to buy me flowers!  (Side note: Darin said while they were at the flower shop, Lindsay kept telling the workers that they were engaged and in love HA!)

He is GOOD!  He works hard on his calling.  He loves everyone!  He is kind to me and listens to me. He is a wonderful husband and loves me.  I could go on and on—and I my journal.  For now, here are a few pictures from his big day!

I did get up early and make him a pretty mean waffle--

Darin LOVES ice-cream.  I let each of the kids buy him a different flavor.

Happy 34th Birthday Darin!!

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