Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ring in 2015

We had a fun New Year's Eve!
Mom, Dad, Ben, Kristy, and the girls came over for dinner and games!

I set up this little table for the food, and took this picture on Darin's phone.
I went to text it to my mom, and accidentally sent it to a group text with the Bishopric, Elders Quorum, and High Priest group leaders.  They texted back and said it looked nice!  HA!

It looked even better once the yummy food was there!

Ben and Kristy made pot stickers and ham-fried-rice.  Mom and dad did some yummy chicken, and WALNUT SHRIMP from Joy Luck.  We did soup, and some awesome dessert that Tom and Judi brought back from Asia.

The kids did some sparklers and poppers--but it was SOOOO cold, so we didn't last too long.

We also set off one of these floating lanterns.  Right after we let go, I found out they are illegal.  Glad I found out after we set it off, instead of before! ;)

Next, we played Telestrations.  It is SUCH a fun game, especially when you play with Darin.
I'll give a dollar to the first person that can correctly guess this picture Darin drew!  Ha!

And, no, it is not "Frankenstein at Church" like Ben guessed!  ha ha!

I had party hats for the kids, but forgot to get them out.
Luckily, Andrew improvised by getting my funnel out of the kitchen.

We celebrated a little early so we could put the kids to bed!

Happy New Year!!

2014 in Review

Time for our annual year in review!
2014 was a great year, and we're excited for 2015!!
Here are a few of our highlights!

Lindsay turned 3 and had a ballerina birthday, HERE

Matt turned 5 and had a minion birthday party HERE

Darin turned 33

Haylee turned 29!

Lindsay started ballet!

We had a happy Valentine's Day!

We had an Olympic party with some of our friends HERE

Darin went back to work for E Trade

Our kids loved being "super"

Andrew turned 1 and had an fun Monkey birthday HERE

We had a happy Easter, and a fun with our neighbors' pets!

Lindsay and I had a fun tea party while the boys were away HERE

Matt had a great 1st year of T Ball! HERE

And he lost his first tooth!

We had a fun 4th of July!

We had a successful (and delicious) garden!

We did a surprise 60th birthday for my mom! HERE

Matthew started Kindergarten!

We had fun at the cabin!

We did a lot of fun "Alphabet Dates" HERE

We went to DISNEYLAND!!!  HERE

And to the beach HERE

We had a fun Thanksgiving break in St. George. HERE

And we had fun looking at the Temple Lights in SLC.

And a wonderful Christmas!

So long 2014--thanks for being so good to us!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Jammies!

We didn't get a picture of all of us in our jammies on Christmas day because Andrew was so sick, but we did get some later.

 I LOVE this cute family of mine!


We had a wonderful Christmas!
Darin's brother, Tom, and his girlfriend, Judi, came and stayed with us!
We had a WONDERFUL time!  And I did something totally unlike me...
I only took ONE picture Christmas eve! (And only a few more Christmas day).
But, I think it is a cute one!  Matt as Joseph, and Lindsay as Mary for the nativity.

Andrew was up most of the night and was so sick, poor little guy!
He is asleep in nearly every picture!
He also threw up and went through about 6 pairs of pajamas-- I changed about 4 times myself!

Waiting to see if Santa came.

He came!  And he ate the cookies and drank the milk!

Poor little Andrew!

Sleepy little guy!

He slept right through opening presents!

Matt got a remote control car-- just like he wanted!

Tom and Judi!

Here is the crew!

Merry Christmas!