Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Star of the Week

Matt got to be the "special person of the week" at school.
He is a pretty special dude.

He also had SEP conferences and got a GLOWING report!
He is such a wonderful boy, and such a joy in our home!

Here is is poster we made.

When we finished, he wanted to color the back too... so we added this...

That week was also Red Ribbon week-- so here was his hair for "crazy hair day."

I'm not Matt's only fan.
Andrew and Linds LOVE that boy!!

They always play at the flag pole as they wait for Matt.

Then sit on this bench to wait some more....

We saw this awesome track in the sky as we waited.

Then, EVERY DAY when Matt comes out, Lindsay RUNS to give him a BIG HUG!

I sure do love this special person!!

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