Thursday, November 20, 2014

I've always wanted to be a carrot...

This year, CAA is putting on the ballet, Peter Pan.

A few weeks ago, I asked Lindsay's teacher if she knew what they were going to be for the ballet.
She said some classes would be mermaids, some would be "pixie dust," some would be fairies, and there were a few others.

Last week, I called my mom to see if Lindsay's class had their assignment.


I was a little bummed.  And frankly, I couldn't see a connection between carrots and Peter Pan.

I thought Lindsay was going to be disappointed.  When I told her, her face completely dropped, with no expression.

She said, "Are you kidding me?  A carrot?  .....Yes!!  I've always wanted to be a carrot!!  WHOOO!!"

I called my mom laughing and she said, "You thought I said a carrot?  I said a parrot!"

When I told Lindsay she said, "A parrot!  Wheeeee!!!!  That is even better!!"

I said, "Lindsay, thanks for having such a great attitude!  I'd bet you'd even be happy to be a hippopotamus!"

She said, "Nuh-uh!  NO THANK YOU!!"

LOVE that girl!!  And I cannot wait to see that girl as a little parrot!!


Naazju said...

What a beautiful reaction! (And has she ever seen Fantasia?)

Andrew and Gina said...

What an optimist! I can't wait to hear what Belles class is going to be

Haylee said...

No. She hasn't. And I haven't in years. Are there dancing carrots in fantasia? And thanks for the sweet comment! :)