Friday, November 21, 2014

Busy Andrew

Andrew is a naughty little guy.
He is busy, busy, busy!

He pulled out all of the files and movies.

He emptied a box of cereal onto the floor.

And then again, on the table. 

He makes a mess when he eats ANYTHING!

He got my lipstick out of a LOCKED drawer!

And did the same thing with my mascara. 

Pulled all the tissues out of the box.

Pulled all the plastic wrap out if its box.

He broke eggs on the floor...THREE different times!!

He pulled the pancake mix out of the pantry, carried it to the living room, and poured it out.

Made a mess with the peanut butter

This is the most recent event.
Darin's parents stayed with us last week and left a box of chocolates on the counter.
Andrew climbed up, opened the box, and took a bite out of 8 different chocoates.
Naughty little guy!

Luckily for him, he is the cutest guy I know!
Hard to stay mad at that face!!

(And no, I don't take a picture every time he's naughty).


Andrew and Gina said...

His smile with the ice cream cone is so sweet! Good thing for him!

Ioana said...

Busy, busy, but absolutely ADORABLE!!!