Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thank You!

 My favorite part of Disneyland...
Handing out "Thank You" notes.

A week before we left, I had an idea to make "Thank You" notes to give to people at Disneyland.
I thought I was so original until I googled it and found I wasn't the first to do it
At the beginning of the week, I told the kids to look for people doing kind things for us.
By, the end of the week, THEY were the ones initiating it!

Someone held the door for us, and Lindsay said, "They are being kind.  Can we thank them?"
I LOVE seeing the expressions on peoples' faces.  And I LOVED seeing my kids notice service.

Everyone seemed to love the notes!  The kids got lots of hugs, nice comments, and even a few stickers and buttons!

One person said they received a thank you note a while ago, and it was still on their mirror at home.
Another said that Lindsay just made Disneyland magical for him.

Most of our notes were generic notes with a butter mint.
But we also handed out a few of these notes that the kids colored before we left.
Then we added personal messages on the side.

One time, after a parade Lindsay started handing out candies to all the sweepers.  
I didn't realize that their boss was walking right behind us.
He said, "Excuse me," (my stomach dropped and I thought we were going to get into trouble) "my crew works really hard and doesn't get appreciated.  Thank you so much.  Would you mind if I take a picture of your kids with my crew?"

If you go to Disneyland, I HIGHLY suggest doing thank you notes!
It was so fun for our whole family, and it was fun to appreciate some of the less noticed workers!


Andrew and Gina said...

what an awesome idea! I will absolutely do this the next time we go. Thank you for the idea.

also your posts are making me want to start planning our next Disney trip soon!!

lori said...

Best Disneyland idea ever! So fun to see all these darling pics of your adventures! So glad you had a wonderful trip!!!

Dave and Mandi said...

Wonderful idea, I love it!!!