Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Part 2: California Adventure

This was my first time to California Adventure.  
I LOVED it!  So much to do and so beautiful!

I couldn't believe how well EVERYTHING worked out today!
Really, I don't think it could have worked out better if I had planned it!

It wasn't too crowded and we just walked on to the rides!  
We rode "The Little Mermaid" ride 5 times and didn't even have to get off the last two times!

 Bug's Life ride.

And I was there too!

Andrew enjoying the water features.  

Lindsay, Andrew, and I went on the Monster's Inc ride while Darin and Matt rode Tower of Terror!
I couldn't believe Matt did that ride!  It scares ME and I couldn't believe he didn't scream or cry!

Lindsay has always reminded me of "Boo" from Monster's Inc so it seemed fitting to get a picture by Boo's door.

Darin and I are both pretty frugal, so it surprised me when he bought these glasses for Lindsay.
They are honestly more expensive than ANY glasses I have ever owned!
But, she does look pretty cute in them--even thought I'm not sure what is going on with this face!

I LOVE Sully!  (I don't particularly like this picture of me, but I LOVE Andrew's curious face and I just get happy seeing my family with James P. Sulivan aka Kitty).

We were going to go home for lunch and naps, but decided to stick it out at the park.
We got the most DELICIOUS lunch...but I can never get over the prices at Disneyland!  Yikes!

Lindsay said that her favorite ride was the Ferris wheel.

Matt was pretty nervous the whole time, so it is amazing that I got this picture of him with his hands in the air.

Andrew doesn't look too happy about being on this ride.  Ha ha!  This picture makes me laugh!

We had the BEST seats for the parade!
We were on the front row, under a bubble machine, in the shade, and surrounded by adults.
So, ALL the characters waved, gave kisses and high fived Matt and Lindsay the whole parade!

This picture pretty much sums up how this two felt about this ride.
Lindsay LOVED it and Matt cried--a little too scary for him.

After the parade we we debating going home or sticking around for "World of Color."  I asked a worker if he could tell me a little about the show and if it was worth going to.  He asked if we had a "fast pass" and I said no.  He said it probably wouldn't be worth going with little kids without a fast pass because there are so many people and they wouldn't be able to see anything.  But, he said, he just happened to have 5 fast passes for us!  We ended up getting the BEST SEATS!!  Honestly, I don't think there was one seat ANYWHERE that was better than ours!  We had the best view and we LOVED the show!!

The kids were SOO tired they fell asleep on the way out of the park.
Instead of waking them up to get them on the bus, we just walked home carrying and pushing sleeping children.  Our hotel was so nice--it was closer that the parking lots!!

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Ioana said...

What a fun, fun trip! And what an awesome idea with the thank you notes!
And Haylee, I LOVE your long hair! :)